The Pregnancy Emporium’s Signature Birth Programme

Prepare for the arrival of your baby with our unique Signature Birth Programme. Our full, in-depth and interactive course, includes everything you need to feel empowered, ready and fully supported in your pregnancy and birthing journey. Each class will be tailored to suit all individual needs, will empower your birth choices and will support you at all stages of your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.

Included in your Signature Birth Programme is:

  • Full Antenatal Education Programme – 4 sessions
  • Labour Massage workshop
  • Prep for baby and Postnatal Planning workshop
  • Continuation of care from our practitioners
  • Ongoing support in a private group setting
Group Antenatal Education,
Monday evenings 6pm-8.30pm

(Payment plans available)
Includes relaxation downloads, continued support in a private group and continuation of care up to 12 weeks

Week One

  • Welcome and Introduction to the course
  • Worries and Fears
  • Birth hormones
  • Breathing – 360 and equal breathing
  • Relaxation

Week Two 

  • Recap week one
  • Birth timeline – what happens during birth
  • What happens if things go differently- interventions
  • Managing pain – pain relief options
  • Starting to birth plan
  • Relaxation

Week Three

  • Recap week two
  • Birth Positions
  • Labour Massage
  • Breathing Techniques- down and out, match the power
  • Birth planning

Week Four

  • Recap week three
  • 4th Trimester recovery
  • Prep for baby
  • Course completion and summary
Bespoke One to One Classes

(Payment plans available)
Completed over 2 sessions 10am-2pm

Dates to be arranged and agreed as suited to all.

This can be done as 2 half day sessions or 4 smaller sessions.

Session One
Welcome and Introduction to the course
Worries and Fears
Birth hormones
Breathing – 360 and equal breathing

Session Two
Birth Positions
Labour Massage
Breathing Techniques- down and out, match the power
Birth planning

Comfort Break
4th Trimester recovery
Prep for baby
Course completion and summary

Labour Massage Workshop Information

This part of your course is a bespoke workshop where we will discuss how you and your birth partner can support each other through your labour and birth using labour massage techniques. This is beneficial if you are having a vaginal or C-section birth. In class we practice a variety of massage and breathing techniques, learn about the role of your birth partner in relation to massage, communicate your wants, needs and preferences with massage and connect even more on your journey into parenthood.

During the class, we will explore the benefits of easing pain and reducing anxiety in labour and birth, how to release endorphins, our body’s natural painkiller. We will practice a range of birth positions to support massage and learn how to connect the breath with gentle movement, through each stage of your birth timeline.

Labour Massage Workshop

Prepare for Baby Workshop Information

This is an exciting time for parents-to-be. With so much to buy, get ready and learn, do you feel confident in the basics of parenthood for when your new born arrives?

Our practical workshop is designed to have you feeling confident in the things your baby will need as you start your parenting journey. During this workshop you will learn how to explore options of nappy wearing, learn about feeding options and support, sleeping arrangements and co-sleeping, baby wearing and the use of carriers, and safe movement with your baby post birth.

Prepare for Baby Workshop

Pregnancy Bump Club Membership – NEW to 2024

Hello mummy-to-be and welcome to your brand new Bump Club Membership. This is your pregnancy membership supporting you through one of the most special times in your life.

To join this membership you MUST:
– have had your first NHS dating scan (at 12/13/14 weeks) AND be over 12 weeks pregnant
– have a fully completed screening form prior to attending any class
– update The Pregnancy Emporium of any changes to your health status, IMMEDIATELY.

Pregnancy Relax and Release

During your time within your membership, you will have access to:

  • Pregnancy Exercise Class- Mondays 5.30pm
  • Pregnancy Yoga with Amy – Tuesdays 6pm
  • Pregnancy Yoga with Midwife Karen- Thursdays 6pm
  • Private support group with other mummies-to-be
  • Midwife led support, advice and guidance
  • A bespoke support network during your pregnancy
  • Weekly live support sessions
  • Discounted antenatal education classes
  • A strong and consistent support system during your pregnancy

This membership runs from joining up to 8 weeks postnatal. Once you have given birth, you will receive:

  • Post birth support via scheduled meetings
  • Monthly wellness assessment
  • Birth debrief session
  • Early postnatal recovery support
  • Breath rehabilitation and pelvic floor support
  • New mummy coffee mornings

To join the hub and start your pregnancy journey with us, please follow the link below and we will get you started. Our practitioners and other mummies-to-be, can’t wait to welcome you to the club.

Pregnancy Bump Club Membership – Join here

    Parent and Baby Classes

    Baby Club Membership

    Welcome to your brand new BABY CLUB MEMBERSHIP

    We are so excited to welcome you to our new Baby Club Membership and start your journey into baby classes, great friendship building, lots of support and much more.

    We will start your journey with part 1, Baby Massage, and part 2 Baby Yoga. We will then progress you onto part 3 which is our new Bespoke Baby classes. Within this you will journey through massage, movement and sensory activities to develop your baby’s skills even further.
    Alongside the baby classes, we will also have monthly stay and play activities combined with coffee mornings, mummy meet ups and support from our highly skilled professionals. We are here to support your journey as a mother, as well as baby. During your journey you will create some wonderful mummy friendships, learn to navigate your way through motherhood, have quality bonding time with your baby and have a beautiful continuation of care throughout.

    This new structure does mean that we will take on less clients per year, but those that do join us, will have a more structured and wholesome journey through parenthood while they are with us. Intakes per year are now limited, to join our classes or waitlist, please complete the form below and we will be in touch:

    Part 1- Baby Massage

    Our baby massage course is a 6 weeks group class designed to support you through your new journey into motherhood, enhance the bond with your baby and alleviate some of the common symptoms and complaints that baby may present. Baby massage helps aid relaxation, encourages better sleep, and helps alleviate symptoms of colic and constipation, bring relief from teething and much more.

    Baby Massage

    All classes include oils and guidance sheets, lots of mummy chat and lots of postnatal support through those early weeks. This is a class where mummy friendships are created, baby friendships are created and big or small mummy wins are celebrated.

    Part 2- Baby Yoga

    Baby yoga is a beautiful follow on from baby massage and is available for babies 8 weeks or over. You do not have to have completed baby massage to join us on this class, new mummies and babies are very welcome. This class focuses on movement and development, strength and flexibility, organisation and confidence for baby. It also includes gentle postnatal exercise for mums to support you back into postnatal movement.

    Baby Yoga

    This class focuses on a new theme each week to support baby in becoming their own little person that little bit more and continue a nice little journey with their baby friends.

    Part 3- Bespoke Baby Class

    Once you have completed your baby massage and baby yoga journey, you will then progress into part 3 which is our NEW Bespoke Baby class. Here we will enjoy a weekly rotation of massage, including baby reflexology, movement including advanced baby yoga techniques and new to 2024, sensory classes. In each sensory class we journey through the senses, allowing babies to explore sound, sight and touch, through a range of activities. As babies progress and develop, so does each activity. We will really see a change in baby’s confidence, movements, coordination, friendships circles, happiness and much more.

    And its not just about the babies, remember that all of these classes have huge benefits for our new parents, including:

    • Postnatal support
    • Friendship building
    • Guidance and advice parents and babies
    • Monthly coffee mornings
    • Monthly stay and play for babies
    • A beautiful continuation of care for your postnatal journey

    Baby Club Membership – Join here

    Class Memberships are new to 2024 and hold limited availability to each journey joined. The Baby Club Membership is a 6 month progressive class journey. These places are non- refundable/ non-transferable and are only for the attended membership holder and their baby.