Are you ready to Join the Hub?

The Pregnancy Emporium is very excited to announce its new journey of pathways, taking you through a continuation of care, as you progress through your relevant stage of preconception to parenthood.

You can start wherever you need for your current life phase, and from here you will be supported, guided, healed, encouraged, and held in your space throughout your time with us.

Are you ready to Join the Hub?

Preconception Pathway – £148

  • Preconception Consultation over the phone
  • Continued preconception guidance and advice
  • Breath rehab and pelvic floor support
  • Weekly Holistic Core Restore Everywoman and Release movement sessions online
  • Weekly relaxation or meditation online
  • 1 x Monthly Preconception and Fertility Massage
  • Individual bi- weekly, check in and well being support

1st Trimester Pathway(up to week 14) – £68

  • Initial consultation over the phone on joining or a new call if you are continuing from the Preconception Hub
  • Individual bi- weekly check ins and wellbeing support
  • Weekly guided relaxation, mindfulness and meditation online
  • Breath rehab and pelvic floor support
1st Trimester

Pregnancy Pathway – £148

(this can be joined once first NHS dating scan has been completed)

  • Initial consultation over the phone
  • Weekly guided relaxation, mindfulness and meditations
  • Weekly online check ins in group
  • Breathing and pelvic floor support
  • Weekly HCR Bump Exercise class online
  • Weekly HCR Release class online
  • 1 Monthly massage session
  • Optional- Full Antenatal Education Classes added into your pathway, prices will be discussed on how many months you have til baby’s due date.


Postnatal Pathway – £148

To give you the best possible chance of recovery , you will be seen in clinic twice a month for your therapy sessions and then online for exercise sessions 3 times a week. The length of time you will take to recover will depend on your body and as I continually assess your recovery, this will help us know when you are ready for the next stage of progression.

Across this journey you will be going through 3 sections of your pathway.

Part 1– Holistic Core Restore Csection, Diastasis and Postnatal Healing

Part 2– Holistic Core Restore Everywoman 6 week course

Part 3– Holistic Core Restore Heat

These are all programmes from our Holistic Core Restore range and will ensure you have the best possible chance to recover following the birth of your baby. In each programme we will address:

  • Breath Rehabilitation
  • Pelvic floor support
  • Full and ongoing re-assessments
  • 2 massage sessions per month
  • 3 weekly workouts
  • progression to HCR Everywoman
  • progression to HCR Heat
  • private postnatal support group

Through these coaching programmes I will be on hand during the week to support you, guide you and ensure you stay where you need to be for your healing and recovery journey.


NB- All pathways are booked and paid for in advance of your appointment and a screening form must be completed. This is something that will be emailed to you on joining and will allow me to see all information immediately and in advance of me seeing you. If there is any reason that we would need a midwife or doctor’s agreement for the treatment to be completed, this will be explained to you and a supporting letter will be sent to you. Full and clear detail is needed on all screening forms to allow me to support you in the best possible way. As this is an online booking system, if you are booking this treatment or session for someone else, their details will need to be added into their chosen appointment and the screening form MUST BE COMPLETED by the person attending.

All treatments and classes with Janine will run mainly term time only, with the exception of the 6 week summer holidays. Janine works daytime hours on weekdays, anything outside of this may be considered in exceptional circumstances but is not guaranteed for every session. During any half term absences, online homework will be given through recorded content.

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