Postnatal Clinic

Postnatal massage is something every new mummy should be able to enjoy following the birth of her baby. At The Pregnancy Emporium we focus on 4th trimester care addressing any aches, pains and recovery that the postnatal mummy is concerned about. Whether it’s working on support with diastasis healing, scar therapy massage for C-section recovery or general post-natal wellbeing, each bespoke treatment will support you as a new mummy with a sole focus on what you and your body need. While everyone else is wanting to look after baby, let me look after you.

If you are not sure where to start on your postnatal journey, why not book a mummy wellness assessment to help you fully understand where your postnatal body is currently at.

A mummy wellness assessment is a postnatal assessment covering pelvic floor engagement, breathing analysis and connecting the breath with movement, a diastasis check, muscular imbalance assessment and overall wellbeing.

Post Natal Massage

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Postnatal Treatments

  • Postnatal Massage– 60 Minutes- £68

  • Postnatal Massage 3 x 60 minutes– £180
  • Postnatal Massage– 90 Minutes- £90

  • Pregnancy Massage 3 x 90 Minutes– £248
  • Mummy Wellness Assessment– £60
  • Luxury Face and Scalp Massage– £68

  • Postnatal Massage and luxury Face and Scalp Massage– £90

Scar Therapy Massage for C-section Recovery

Scar therapy massage is a combined treatment of massage and soft tissue release strategies that are used to release adhesions that build up around and under your C-section or any abdominal scarring. We work to clear these adhesions to allow your body to move more freely and remove the feeling of being stuck or restricted with your movement patterns. Along with massage techniques, we work on correcting your breathing pattern, reconnect your core and breathing and correct your pelvic floor function.

Scar Therapy Massage

Included in scar therapy massage is a full Mummy or women’s Wellness Assessment. This is a postnatal assessment covering pelvic floor engagement, breathing analysis and connecting your breath with your movement, a full diastasis check, muscular imbalance assessment to see where your body is performing stronger and where may be struggling with weakness, and an overall wellbeing and lifestyle assessment to see how you are really doing.

  • Consultation and FirstTherapy Session- 90 minutes £90

  • Follow on sessions- 60 Minutes £68.00

  • 3-6 sessions are recommended for scar tissue healing and recovery. This may vary with each individual. Each session is advised to be taken 2-3 weeks apart to allow healing time in between and re-assessment will be completed at each session to check on progress

Holistic Core Restore ® Massage and Movement Programmes
(Core, back and pelvic floor repair)

Holistic Core Restore ® is a unique and groundbreaking programme that is helping thousands of women across the globe, correct and heal core and pelvic floor dysfunction through their pregnancy, postnatal and women’s wellness journey.

The start of this journey can seem overwhelming, but please be assured that I can help and support you through this journey. To start with, a consultation is needed to help me determine what you need and where we start. Some programmes can cross over, so we will discuss this in your consultation and from here create a plan. Click on the tabs below to book your consultation and from here we will create that plan for what’s next.

NB- All treatments are booked and paid for in advance of your appointment and a screening form must be completed. This is on the confirmation page of your booking and will allow me to see all information immediately and in advance of me seeing you. If there is any reason that we would need a midwife or doctor’s agreement for the treatment to be completed, this will be explained to you and a supporting letter will be sent to you. Full and clear detail is needed on all screening forms to allow me to support you in the best possible way. As this is an online booking system, if you are booking this treatment or session for someone else, their details will need to be added into their chosen appointment and the screening form MUST BE COMPLETED by the person attending.

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