Preconception Clinic

Are you struggling to conceive a baby? Are you currently going though IVF? Do you have past history or trauma with miscarriage and loss? Do you struggle with painful periods, endometriosis?

Our fertility and womb healing treatments could be the help you need if you would like to try an alternative therapy to support your preconception and women’s wellness journey. Sometimes we have to support the woman and concentrate fully on you, before we concentrate on bringing a baby into the world. The journey starts before you officially start to try.

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Supporting Your Preconception Journey

Each journey will start with a bespoke consultation to discuss how you are feeling at this point in your journey, what you feel you need help with and what you would like your outcome to be. Within the consultation we will complete a women’s wellness assessment to see where you are holding tension and worries in the mind and body, assess your breathing and pelvic floor function, complete a lifestyle assessment and see where you need to start on your preconception journey.

Using a unique blend of beautiful massage techniques, with equally beautiful massage oils, each fertility or womb healing massage starts over the back, sacrum, coccyx, then follows on to the tummy, rib cage and womb. The treatments include rebozo wrapping, guided visualisations and full preconception or women’s wellness support.

  • Consultation– £60
    (Please book in for a consultation prior to booking any fertility massage or womb healing treatments. Here we will discuss your treatment plan and the course of therapy needed).
  • Fertility Massage– 90 minute treatment £80

  • Womb Healing Treatment– 90 minute treatment £80

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