Pregnancy Massage Clinic

A unique blend of massage, gentle stretching and kinesio taping is what makes our pregnancy massages different from the rest, and each treatment is bespoke to you and what you need. With a clear consultation, we address each individual need and work with what your body is telling you. Using pregnancy safe products, our massages will ensure that you feel you have had a luxury treatment along with beautiful feeling skin.

Each massage aims to relax you, refresh your body and mind, invigorate you, support your wellbeing and uplift your mood. You will leave The Pregnancy Emporium feeling cared for, listened to and hopefully feeling a bit more like you.

  • Pregnancy Massage 60 minutes – £68

  • Pregnancy Massage 90 Minutes – £90

  • Pregnancy Massage 3 x 60 minutes – £180

  • Pregnancy Massage 3 x 90 Minutes – £248

  • NB- For a full body pregnancy massage, please ensure you book in for the 90 minute treatment time. A 60 minute massage will usually include 2-3 areas.
Pregnancy Massage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a full screening will be done on booking your appointment and this will allow me to see a clear picture of your pregnancy and current health status. If in the event that there is something we need to discuss, this will be done over the phone. If a midwife or doctors clearance is needed, a letter will be given to you to take to your next appointment.
Pregnancy massage can be booked once you are over 12 weeks and have had your first NHS dating scan. A pregnancy massage can then be booked anytime up til you give birth.
Providing the health of yourself and your baby is all ok, you can have this right up to giving birth. In fact, Labour Massage is a great way to support you as the birthing mother, reduce anxiety and help you manage the birth process better. See classes and workshops for our next course.
Each massage is bespoke to you and what you need. Through screening, I will find out where needs attention the most and how I can help you with any aches and complaints. Alongside the massage gentle stretching will be done, if needed, the use of support tape will be applied to help with your growing bump, any back ache, SPD, carpal tunnel.
Pregnancy massage has many benefits including relaxation, support with SPD, back ache from postural changes, neck pain from sleepless nights or poor posture, it can help reduce anxiety, boost your circulation and much more.
Songbird massage wax is used for all of our massages. These are uniquely blended products, some of which are designed to be perfectly safe for pregnancy.
If you come into clinic with a postural ache, pain or complaint, a course of at least 3 treatments is recommended for you to feel the best benefits. Each massage will be tailored to address the specific needs you may have at the time of your appointment.
48 hours notice must be given to cancel or rearrange any appointments. Full payment will apply to any cancellation that is less than 48 hours. We respectfully ask that as much notice is given as possible to allow us to offer this appointment space to someone else.

NB- All treatments are booked and paid for in advance of your appointment and a screening form must be completed. This is on the confirmation page of your booking and will allow me to see all information immediately and in advance of me seeing you. If there is any reason that we would need a midwife or doctor’s agreement for the treatment to be completed, this will be explained to you and a supporting letter will be sent to you. Full and clear detail is needed on all screening forms to allow me to support you in the best possible way. As this is an online booking system, if you are booking this treatment or session for someone else, their details will need to be added into their chosen appointment and the screening form MUST BE COMPLETED by the person attending.

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