Our Services

The Pregnancy Emporium offers bespoke treatments and services to suit each individual client, and prides itself on the support, respect and care it gives each and every woman, mummy-to-be and new mummy that comes through our door.

Specialising in pregnancy and post natal care, including pelvic floor and core restoration, The Pregnancy Emporium covers treatments that range from preconception care and fertility massage, pregnancy massage, post natal massage including diastasis and c-section repair, and women’s wellness massage.

What We Do



Our fertility and womb healing treatments could be the help you need if you would like to try an alternative therapy to support your preconception and women’s wellness journey.

Pregnancy Services


A unique blend of massage, gentle stretching and kinesio taping is what makes our pregnancy massages different from the rest, and each treatment is bespoke to you and what you need.

Post Natal Services


At The Pregnancy Emporium we focus on 4th trimester care addressing any aches, pains and recovery that the postnatal mummy is concerned about.

Holistic Core Restore®

A unique and groundbreaking programme helping thousands of women across the globe, correct and heal core and pelvic floor dysfunction through their pregnancy, postnatal and women’s wellness journey.

Classes and Workshops Services

Classes and Workshops

We offer a range of workshops and classes for all things preconception, pregnancy, postnatal and women’s wellness including: hypnobirthing, baby massage & yoga. As well as Holistic Core Restore® programs.