Supporting Your Women’s Wellness Journey

The Pregnancy Emporium supports your women’s wellness journey by providing a range of bespoke treatments to cater for your needs physically, emotionally and mentally. From deep tissue massage to womb healing, prolapse to pelvic health, each bespoke massage and movement programme will support recovery from c-section’s and scarring, hysterectomy surgeries or scarring, prolapse recovery, or any other abdominal surgeries.

Our Holistic Core Restore ® Recovery and Everywoman programmes will support your safe return to exercise by addressing safe functional movement first, before we progress to more intense exercise patterns. An in-depth screening process, correcting faulty breathing patterns and nutrition guidance are all part of the programmes delivered and will allow you to get the best care for your women’s wellness or recovery programme.

Womens Wellness
  • Women’s Wellness Massage– 60 Minutes- £60
  • Women’s Wellness Massage- 90 minutes- £80
  • Luxury Face and Scalp Massage £48

  • Womb Healing Treatment- Single Session- £75

  • Womb Healing Treatment- 4 sessions– £260

Scar Therapy Massage

Scar therapy massage is a combined treatment of massage and soft tissue release strategies that are used to release adhesions that build up around and under your C-section, hysterectomy or any abdominal scarring. We work to clear these adhesions to allow your body to move more freely and remove the feeling of being stuck or restricted with your movement patterns. Along with massage techniques, we work on correcting your breathing pattern, reconnect your core and breathing and correct your pelvic floor function.

Scar Therapy Massage

Included in scar therapy massage is a full Women’sWellness Assessment. This is an assessment covering pelvic floor engagement, breathing analysis and connecting your breath with your movement, a full diastasis check, muscular imbalance assessment to see where your body is performing stronger and where may be struggling with weakness, and an overall wellbeing and lifestyle assessment to see how you are really doing.

  • Consultation and First Therapy Session-90 minutes £80
  • Follow on sessions- 60 Minutes £68.00

  • A minimum of 3 sessions are advised to see the bestresults. Usually 3-6 sessions aretaken for scar tissue healing.

Holistic Core Restore ®

Holistic Core Restore ® is a unique and groundbreaking programme that is helping thousands of women across the globe, correct and heal core and pelvic floor dysfunction through their pregnancy, post natal and women’s wellness journey.


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